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#Fullnode Fundraiser Project

The new Fundraiser for ProTip, Chris Ellis will hand make Bitcoin #Fullnode using nothing but available open source tools. He will do this for the price and working conditions of a Foxconn factory worker in Henan province of China.

You can support the project on StartJoin:

We will be following these guides here:
If you want to follow along.

This event may run over many days I won't have time to finish them all in one go.

ProTip is a Bitcoin wallet that helps people be rewarded for their work online, learn more about it here:

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How it Works

ProTip will divide a small donation, say $1, in proportion to the time spent browsing your favorite websites.

This is a fair way to give back to those hard working artists and developers who maintain your favorite websites.

To ensure your privacy, ProTip is a Chrome Extension which runs only on your own hardware and does not 'phone home'.

When you visit a webpage, Protip searches for bitcoin addresses and automatically highlights them green. If one is found, then the time you spent on that website is recorded.

What People are Saying...

"Using small payments to support indie artists and content creators with digital currency"

"There are better ways to fund and support content/publishers than banner ads."

"Bravo to @ProTipHQ for raising $12,183 for this totally worthy project."

In the Press

"ProTip is bringing us closer to something of a mythical quest for digital publishers: a financial incentive for substantive engagement as opposed to clicks." - Jay Cassano, Fast Company


"This sort of passive tipping gives smaller content producers the chance to build connections with a fanbase they may not have done in the past, allowing fans to more easily 'leave money on the table'." - Will Bancroft, Huffingtonpost


ProTip for Artists

Simply copy/paste your Bitcoin address onto your page and ProTip will automatically detect your address. No plugins or third party widgets. Just your bitcoin address and nothing more.

If you're an independent journalist, blogger, Instagrammer, Twitterer, Vlogger you can start earning subscriptions from people who spend time enjoying your work.

New to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is like email for cash. A public address, like your email, where people can send bitcoins, and a private password to ensure only you can spend received bitcoins. You can trade in your bitcoins at an exchange for your local currency or send them to another address for goods and services.

Getting a web wallet via is free and the easiest way to begin. You can even try a demo wallet.

Join the Early Adopters Accepting Bitcoin Donations

XKCD [Web Comic]
Voat [News Aggregator]
Dan Carlin [History Podcaster]
World Crypto Network [YouTube Channel]
Ed Ethan [Podcast]
Skeptoid [Podcast]
Singing Pictures [Music]
Chris Ellis [All-around Superstar]

And Many More...

Special Thanks to These Fine People


The full code for the Chrome Extension is available on GitHub.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us via GitHub anytime.