Help content creators and supporters online

We’re very used to consume and create content online


and there are a few ways to support artists and content creators

But could this process be made as easy as browsing the internet?


ProTip will divide a small donation say $1 in proportion to the time spent browsing your favorite websites.

This is a fair way to give back…

…to those hard working artists and developers who maintain your favorite websites


To ensure your privacy, ProTip is a Chrome Extension which runs only on your own hardware and does not “phone home”.

When you visit a webpage, ProTip searches for a Bitcoin addresses and automatically highlights them green


If one is found, then the time you spent on that website is recorded.


If you’re an independent journalist, blogger, Instagrammer, Twitterer, Vlogger, you can start earning subscriptions from people who spend time enjoying your work.


New to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is like email for cash.

A public address, like your email, where people can send Bitcoins, and a private password to ensure only you can spend received Bitcoins.

You can trade in your Bitcoins at an exchange for your local currency or send them to another address for goods and services.